Download Microsoft Word 2013 – Microsoft word free download

By | September 22, 2018
Download Microsoft Word 2013 – Microsoft word free download
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Word 2013 is a modern version of word processing software, from Word 2003 to 2013, which is such a rather huge improvement. The interface of Word 2013 brings you a new, neat and comfortable read mode, which can be read in column form, zoom in and expand your documents, tables and images to full screen. Besides, Word 2013 also allows you to embed online videos for viewing right in the text.

Microsoft word free download


Introduction to Word 2013

Word 2013 is a text editor in the Office 2013 suite, along with many other tools, which adds new reading and viewing modes. Word 2013 allows object scaling, online video insertion into text, collapsed or expanded part of a document, simple markup. In particular, Word 2013 supports saving and sharing files on the cloud, which can collaborate easily on the same text.

Word 2013 is a text editor application in the Office 2013 suite, with many improved features and a more modern, visual interface. Word 2013 provides great support for online groupware or document sharing with SharePoint or OneDrive. In addition, Word 2013 integrates advanced cloud technology to make file storage safer.

The 2013 version of Office 2013 is considered one of the best word processors for office work. This version has been enhanced with a more navigable ribbon interface, excellent reading mode, easy to share documents with SharePoint or OneDrive, working with colleagues on the same file at the same time.

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Word 2013 is the next-generation text editor developed after the release of MS Office 2010 with some changes to the interface and many new features such as touch support and other extras. In addition, the Word 2013 application is also popular with most users thanks to integrated cloud technology.

Word 2013 is designed based on the modern user interface of Windows 8 operating system with a streamlined layout and a specially redesigned startup screen that supports user creating new projects from the very first work or extremely rich template store including blog post, application form, resume, certificates, and business plans.

In addition, Word 2013 is equipped with a customizable extension kit based on the user’s need, including the “Live Preview” mode that allows previewing of results when users hover over different options, edit user names, hide highlighted or highlighted text, configure spell checker, ignore words that are capitalized or contain numbers, add dictionaries, set save format Embed, font, and hide AutoComplete hints.

If Word 2013 is Microsoft’s leading text editing and editing application, Excel 2013 also draws in users with features such as spreadsheets, support for compute functions, Excel 2013 also has the ability to organize data and perform complex analysis, saving you a lot of time. computational space.

Word 2013 has improved its look and to fit in Windows 8, which looks sleek, features neatly designed buttons, and helps users focus more on work, avoiding distraction by page objects. Location. Besides, there is a design interface of the start screen so you can quickly view the list of current documents.

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The most prominent feature in Word 2013 is the integration of SkyDrive, data synchronization capabilities, touch screen support, PDF editor, PowerPoint task pane, Easier chart manipulation, more graphical options, … There are also many interesting features waiting for you to explore.

Microsoft word 2013 is a text editor with basic features like previous versions, and new enhancements. Word 2013 adds new text-reading, online collaboration and editing capabilities.

Word 2013 is the latest version of Word in the Microsoft Office 2013 office suite, with support for both PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones, optimized for touch devices. Version 2013 adds a new reading mode, which easily magnifies tables, charts, images, and automatically marks the recent place you are reading.

Word 2013 supports many users editing, discussing on the same text, archiving documents online on OneDrive or SharePoint. You only need to send a unique link to the people who are viewing, editing the Word document.

Microsoft Word 2013 allows you to open PDF files directly in Word files and directly edit your documents, including chart alignment, images, videos and diagrams with text. In addition, users will experience the effects quite vivid when viewing text.

Download Word 2013 - Efficient Text Editor

Download Word 2013 – Efficient Text Editor

Word 2013 is an improved, more comfortable text-space and editor that can hide the Ribbon on the screen to increase the screen area or use the “Read mode” to hide buttons, optimizing horizontally overflows to read text easier. The Outline View mode lets you create headings for text before editing, and filter the text faster at these heading levels.

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Compared with Word 2010, Word 2013 has a built-in Click and Type feature that allows you to quickly write ideas without downline, line or alignment. Text tables can now be transformed into charts in just a few steps, completely automated, saving you considerable time, customizing chart types accordingly. Many templates are available to help you fill in the appropriate content when you need to create a form, thanks to the letter attached decorative features, however, not so, but the number of users Word 2010 reduced

Word 2013 enhances copying, allowing copying of content from many places and then pasting down conveniently. This version has the ability to translate conveniently, finished content will be displayed in a new table. You can hide any text, browse through the document structure, use the add-in to work more efficiently.

But for simplicity, or just to use the Word file reading feature in Word 2013, instead of having trouble installing, you should use Word Reader – a program that reads word documents effectively. Word Readers are lightweight, easy to install and readable Doc files as well as Docx.

Word 2013 is a word version with a nice interface and a reasonable text layout, giving users a more intuitive look while working or studying. More over, like many previous versions, Word 2013 has built-in text contour, and you can select borders with different colors to represent your text.

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