Download Microsoft Word 2016 – Microsoft word free

By | September 10, 2018
Download Microsoft Word 2016 – Microsoft word free
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Word 2016 is a text composing application in the office suite. Office 2016 that supports you in creating documents the fastest and most completely. In addition to the basic drafting features, Word 2016 also provides modern features such as cloud storage, group interaction, online sharing, intelligent lookup.

Microsoft word 2016 download

Word 2016 Introduce

Word 2016 Download

Word 2016 Download

Word 2016 is the latest version of the text editor which adds many learning tools, uses LaTeX syntax in your equation, inserts 3D models to view all corners … Besides, there are a lot of other interesting features are waiting for you to discover to be useful for your work.

Word 2016 is a text editing utility in Microsoft Office suite 2016 with many improvements in features and interface. With Word 2016 you will create, edit and share documents with more professional tools than the older versions. In addition, this application also features intelligent search, support team work efficiency.

Word 2016 is the version of the new word-processing application in the current office suite – Office 2016. Since the earliest versions of Word, Microsoft has made great improvements with your Office suite including the Word application so far. With Word 2016, users will create more beautiful and engaging text documents with lots of support tools as well as exciting new features. Word 2016 is considered to be one of the most anticipated Word ever.

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Word 2016 Text editor

In addition to the basic editing features you’ve used in older versions of Word, Word 2016 has a lot of changes that bring practical benefits to users. Along with the changes made to other applications in Office 2016, improvements in Word will surely make you happy. Word 2016 supports document sharing with others through OneDrive or SharePoint, allowing you to chat with people who are collaborating with you in real time. Users can text directly to someone using Skype for Busines. This feature is very useful for teamwork and is one of the most attractive features of Office 2016 that will help you a lot in your work.

When using Word 2016, you probably do not like the Startup interface, which makes it difficult to manipulate. To get rid of the Start menu on Word 2016 is quite simple, see the instructions in our tips section.

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Word 2016 supports a full list of document versions that have been modified, made, or viewed in the document. Users will also see a new text box on the ribbon in Word 2016 with the words “Tell me what you want to do” – what you want to do next, the features you want to use and actions you want to take. Compared with the word 2013, this is a new function and a step forward for you to better control the text, or seek help if you have difficulty. If you are using Word 2013, you will want to update to this version immediately upon seeing this interesting feature. Of the word versions, Word 2013 is still the most popular.

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Word 2016 allows users to share documents online with their colleagues by creating a link or email invitation. Document sharing has been developed extensively from Word 2010 in the Office 2010 suite and until 2016, this functionality is almost perfect in Word 2016. However, if you do not mind sharing the document, the functionality in Word 2010 is enough. Word 2016 also integrates intelligent lookup capabilities through related wiki articles and related top searches from the web.

Word 2016 also includes functions for creating mathematical equations, allowing you to enter mathematical formulas by hand or touch stylus on touch devices. In addition, you can also select the shape to insert, select the theme color …

Main Features of Word 2016:

– Support text editing

– Effective teamwork

– Share documents quickly

– Live chat with your colleagues

– Smart Lookup

– Supports input equations, mathematical formulas

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