Google Docs vs Microsoft Word Online

By | September 26, 2018
Google Docs vs Microsoft Word Online
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Both Google Docs and Word Online are online editors. However, each of these editors has different advantages and disadvantages. To better understand the pros and con of each editor, you can compare Google Docs and Word Online, choose one to use.

Introducing Google Docs and Word Online

The first thing you need to know is the functionality of the online editors Google Docs and Word Online is “far away” compared to the usual Microsoft Word text editor. However, all major functions work well and you can perform regular tasks with ease, almost like the PC version.

In addition, Microsoft and Google have tried to create common interactions, keyboard shortcuts and even the context menu. Although these online editors are not perfect, it also has features that assist users to perform their tasks.

Microsoft Word has many branches, in addition to the online version, Word also has many different versions of Offline, data format is quite diverse, mainly using doc and docx.

In addition, competitive fees are a factor. Users do not have to pay $150 for an Office suite for home-use. Business owners and administrators may have to pay $5 a month to meet their demand for Office suites, but the fees are pretty cheap.

Google Docs and Word Online

Google Docs and Word Online


Compare google doc and WORD ONLINE, Which one to use?

Not to mention the functionality, options and other things that support the user in their work. The first criteria you or any user wants to find is the beauty. In this part we learn about the interface of Google Docs and Word Online, and then solve the functional limitations of these two online editors.

First of all, both Google Docs and Word Online have common controls, but on both of these should use line breaks to control the spacing between text or extra spaces.

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Word Online

Word Online is trying to become a “twin” of Microsoft Word for the computer, which is a good thing. Using the World Online is quite simple, you will find that everything is very familiar, easy to identify and use. Although there are new trends that designers want to add to their new products, they are not added to Word Online.

Word online

Word online

Pay attention to the U button icon, which is quite special because the button is not “adaptable” to high resolution displays. Mac users and users of 4K screens will be disappointed. However, Google Docs does not have this problem.

Word online

Word online


Noticeably how the Page End is displayed. To be more detail, Page End is not displayed. This makes it difficult for the user to determine how the document looks on the page, as there is no visible distance at the top and bottom corners of the page.

Another very serious problem is that the user does not see the header and footer, page numbers, bookmarks, etc. And they have to switch to read mode, which causes some inconvenience.

Word online Page end

Word online Page end

How about Google Docs’s interface?

Google Docs - Page end

Google Docs – Page end

Google Docs

On Google Docs, the gradient, the File menu – Edit – View, and others are all in black and white. Although the interface is simple, the features on Google Docs are not that simple

Google docs interface

Google docs interface


Special attention is integrated Ruler on the Docs. Note that Word does not have a ruler. Basically, a ruler is a tool used to troubleshoot problems related to border, paragraph, and indentation lists. Ruler allows users to perform all these tasks at a glance. On Word you will have to set these values manually

Google Docs - Ruler

Google Docs – Ruler

If you use word, you refer to how to do the Ruler in the text, when the Ruler appears, you will present the text more beautiful, more professional, the layout is no longer as messy as before.

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Work Actions

When comparing Google Doc and Word Online to work in action, overall control of the Word toolbar is simpler and easier. Colors, charts, groups, animations and interactions on the Ribbon Word are not very noticeable. You can quickly find what you need.

Even less experienced users can add a bookmark, apply styles to a table, or set up a page layout. For example, when you work with a table or image, a new section will appear on the Ribbon and you will see the table and image immediately.

On Word, just a glimpse is enough for the user to understand the link type, style, and other formatting options that apply.

Word online - Format tool

Word online – Format tool

With Docs, sometimes you have to read everything before you can find what you need. Interaction is not fast.

Google Docs - Format tool

Google Docs – Format tool

Context menu

The context menu is when you right click, a menu is displayed on the screen. Word has the best context menu. You can access the full range of formatting options, including lists and styles with just one click. This is especially useful when you need to format certain sections of text

In addition, the menu changes depending on the content. If you want to change the format, additional options will be hidden, and these formatting options will be available until you complete the formatting change.

Word online - Context menu

Word online – Context menu

The context menu on Google Docs has some minor changes.

Google Docs - Context menu

Google Docs – Context menu

However, this menu still has some features: “Select all matching text” and “Update ‘Normal text’ to match“. These options are quite useful for creating and editing documents.

Compact Mode

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Note: To display the window interface on the laptop, the notebook, the window size in the screenshot shows the maximum window resolution 1366×768.

The entire Ribbon on Word may be hidden. This saves a lot of space and you can “grab” in hand any features you need. Unlike Docs, the Ribbon automatically shrinks. However, your document will display some nonsense messages along with the document name, share button, and so on.

Compact mode on the Google Docs is quite small. However, to choose some of the functions on the menu is not as easy as in Word. You will have to open the menu, then scroll through the screen, use the function and hide the menu.

View Documents with Default Settings

The text editor is designed to make the document look eye-catching and easy to read. You can do this with the help of the format and paragraph settings.

Of course, all editors have their own default settings so that users do not need to do much editing, which is time-consuming.

The following is an example of the default structure and content of a document:

Everything is “lumped” on the Docs. Although the user can easily improve the Spacing parameter, however, you should understand the rule behind the distance definition in the document, otherwise the resultant screen you get is the unwanted space. , such as the near heading heading.

In general, the documents created in Word look more eye-catching, perhaps as a result of which the user has more experience drawn.

Google Docs and Word Online

Google Docs and Word Online

Things to Know After Comparisons Google Doc And Word Online

Both of these editors are pretty good and helpful. Maybe users tend to use Word Online more. Designing toolbars, interactivity and adaptability depends on the content under the cursor so that users can make their work easier. Built-in styles help users format documents that look more appealing

The article “Compare Google Doc and Word Online, which one to use” gave you a lot of perspectives so you can learn about these two editing tools. Finally, choosing whether to use Google Docs or Word Online is your decision, both editors have their own strengths and limitations.

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