How to create powerpoint online with Google Slides

By | September 6, 2018
How to create powerpoint online with Google Slides
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Creating a Google Powerpoint is a trick for users to make powerpoint presentation online. With just an normal Internet connection, you’ll easily create stunning PowerPoint slide with the way how to create Google Powerpoint online.

Google Slides is the leading PowerPoint presentations maker. Google products are favored by the ability to automatically save files on Google Drive. Users using Google Slides, when creating PowerPoint slide can avoid the nuisances such as data loss, forget to save, power failure if working offline on Microsoft Powerpoint. You can now create a Google Powerpoint page and try to create slide with this tool. believes that Google Powerpoint will not let you down.

How to create Google Powerpoint

Step 1: Visit HERE to sign in to Google.

Enter your Google Account.

Google powerpoint - Sign in

Step 2: Enter your Google password, click Next.

Step 3: Once you’ve signed in, you can either click Blank (+) or Click + to create a new presentation to create a new Google Slides Powerpoint page.

Google powerpoint - Create a new presentation

Google powerpoint – Create a new presentation

Now, you can import data, images, and select slide and more.

It’s simple to create a Google Powerpoint page. Using the power of Google Powerpoint well can help users forget the Microsoft Powerpoint tool on their computer.

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