What is Office 365? Advantage of Microsoft Office 365

By | August 5, 2018
What is Office 365? Advantage of Microsoft Office 365
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Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that features email, office suites, file sharing and more

What is Microsoft office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 includes Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online that incorporate a cloud service that is always up-to-date. Office 365 makes it easier than ever to collaborate on virtually any device, anywhere, with internal and external partners. It supports most popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome. Users of mobile devices such as iPad tablets, Blackberry phones from RIM will also be supported.

Allows customers to access Office programs such as Outlook, SharePoint, and the reduced version of Word and Excel anywhere without having to install specialized software. In addition, when installing software support, users also enjoy many other advanced features.

Microsoft Office 365 includes four components: Microsoft Office, Exchange Online, Office SharePoint Online, and Lync Online. Essential as follows:

  • Microsoft Office includes all the features of Office Professional Plus (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc ..) and Office Web App.
  • Exchange Online provides cloud, calendar, contacts, and more. All are accessible via the Internet through all smartphone or laptop devices.
  • Office SharePoint Online lets you collaborate with social networking features through the Internet.
  • Lync Online offers instant messaging, online conferencing, audio and video conferencing and also over the Internet.
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 Microsoft Office 365 is planned to offer 3 packages at different prices:

  • Office 365 for Small Business: Small Business
  • Office 365 for Enterprises: For medium and large businesses.
  • Office 365 for Education: for Education.

Microsoft will introduce support services related to Office 365 for small businesses with 25 users. The price is around 6 USD per month. This version can be launched and run Office Web Apps, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online with an external website in just 15 minutes.

For large corporations and government organizations, Office 365 pricing will start at $2 per month for email processing. While the “professional” version will cost quite high, about $ 27 per month includes telecommunication services such as voicemail, voice chat.

One of the cool features of Office 365 is that it allows multiple users to edit a text file at the same time

Can view and edit your document anywhere on any device.

Video and image editing tools included in Office Professional Plus

IT Management Dashboard lets you manage your user experience with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, and Microsoft Office Desktop Apps.

Some advantages of Office 365

Cost savings

Deploying the same internal software and services is a wasteful act. SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync both require physical servers. The server (s) will consume power, as well as require coolers. By using Office 365, businesses will not have to spend money on hardware and infrastructure, but still have the same tools for office productivity.


With the number of physical servers and infrastructure attached, businesses will have to “outsource” information technology specialist and other people to maintain and reserve them. However, with Office 365, Microsoft will be responsible for keeping the server up-to-date, resolving issues, upgrading hardware and software, and other maintenance. This is really value for small businesses if they do not have their own technology department, or even a separate IT staff.

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Always ready for user

One of the biggest inadequacies of software on the computer is that it must be installed on the machine. Cloud service for business is changing rapidly. People tend to do a lot of work on smartphones and other platforms when leaving their office. Office 365 is a cloud-based platform that gives users access anywhere they connect to the Internet.


Microsoft Office 2010 Professional sold on Amazon will cost you $ 400. If the business purchases in large quantities or at some level will be discounted by the number of machines used. Small businesses often buy software from sites like Best Buy or Amazon. This proves that a fully equipped company with the full Office 2010 office suite but no SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync – is a costly affair.

The business-to-business ratio will vary from company to company, but for $ 6 a month, one person will only spend $ 72 a year to use Office 365. In simple terms, we will have to multiply by 6 times, the new fee can catch up with the charge of Office 2010 Professional software. From here, you definitely know which services cost less and become more useful with your company.


Obviously, Google offers most, if not all, benefits like cost savings, maintenance, availability, and user costs. What Google can not compete with Microsoft is providing a platform with a similar user interface that has become so familiar to Microsoft.

For organizations that rely entirely on Google Apps, this is not a big deal. However, when working with partners, customers, vendors and outside businesses, the value of Google Apps will shift to how well it simulates with Microsoft Office. So why not just use Microsoft Office?

Main benefits of Office 365

Synchronize Microsoft Outlook seamlessly, instantly and fully.

Set up your email account on multiple devices and synchronize Outlook between devices automatically. Your email, no matter if accessed through the Web App or desktop application on any of your devices, will look exactly the same as you left it working last time. Synchronize not only email but read / unread status as well. Calendar, contacts, tasks, categories, groups, folders, etc – everything will be synchronized and easily accessed via desktop application or Outlook online.

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Work online or offline. Get email, calendar and contacts from anywhere.

Full web access to email and documents stored in cloud with your Office Web Apps. All you need is the Internet and a browser. Get access to all the information you need no matter if you are working, at home or on the run. Do not limit yourself by spending more than all your time at the desk with Microsoft Office online.

Supported mobile devices

Set up Office 365 on your smartphone or tablet and access your email, documents, and other Office 365 services no matter where you are. You do not have to sit at your computer all the time to be able to solve the problem, edit the document or attend an online meeting.

Share files and collaborate easily with colleagues.

Share files and folders with your colleagues. Publish your files or folders and make them accessible to your team, allowing them to edit and comment on documents to avoid sending back and forth. Create private and public websites.

Instant messaging and online conferencing. Communication group.

Chat, have a voice call or video conference with your colleagues. Invite people to an online meeting directly from Outlook. Planning is done simply by integrating free / busy information. Join the conversation with one click from Outlook.

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